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Got cancelled

It's as if someone has traveled to another dimension and came back with an American version of a younger Nicholas Hoult.




Damn by 0.42 I was already crying!!  Will watch the movie in my own home where I can cry all I want :)

Last of Us did it better...

The big group of virus thing reminds me of the flood


Great bloody movie

Just another movie where Caucasians slyly admit to the fact that they are doom to death and destruction without the blood and D N A of peoples of African heritag. Their d n a is weak and regressive. African D N A is powerful and progressive. Truth be told..

Well. The trailer made me cry, so this will be a fun movie to try and get through >_<.

Cordyceps that used to infect insect now infect humans,it transmits through spores,and the main story starts 20 years after the outbreak and one of the main character is a little girl is inmune in a way... Mhhh,I’ve heard that before....


Qual é o nome desse filme alguém sabe??


This movie is very slow fyi

I cried while watching the trailer so who knows how much I will cry whilst watching the movie.

Nightmare Ramanujan is the greatest genius who ever walked the earth....Its difficult to even fathom how a human being in flesh and blood could perform such immense mathematical calculations as Ramanujan....he actually discovered all the mathematical accomplishments of modern maths and way beyond all by himself.....There are accounts of him performing unbelievable mathematical calculations in just minutes which would take even modern computers days to perform.....

Please do the train to Busan infection!!


Reminds me of D-Day, where a kid is a half-zombie and they make a vaccine off of it.






  • 1000 / 1000